Erling Dahl

Partner and chairman in Friendly International Consult A/S

Has over 20 years experience in political and public offices, and has leading organizational skills in the fields of politics, sport and community life. Erling is still politically active, both locally and regionally, and has previously been responsible for the regional political area of the Transport and Control sector at Telemark County Council.

Erling has worked in aeronautics for more than 30 years, gaining a broad experience at operative level, and also in teamwork and inter-personal relationships.

Project Manager for the EU Interreg II projects, Waterways for Growth and Waterways Forward, plus participation in the projects NTN, Nordic Transport Political Network, and Canal Link. Also being one of the instigators in the building up of relations between Telemark and the USA Mid West, and contributed to the follow-up of this network.

Formed a wide network, nationally and internationally, in the fields of politics and the community in general.

Erling Dahl

Thrond Kjellevold

Partner and member of board in Friendly International Consult A/S

Has over 30 years experience in international business. Thrond has worked in the fields of journalism, management, electro, automation and maritime matters in the private sector. In the public sector, Thrond has been involved in the development of SME's, port-development, clean shipping development, waterways for growth, cultural development, cooperation between European provinces, USA, China and the county of Telemark in Norway.

Thrond has built up an extensive business network in Europe, Asia, Russia and the United States, through his participation and leadership of several EU-funded projects in a variety of subjects.

Thrond has worked as an international advisor to the political leaders of Telemark County Council, and has led several business initiatives in Europe, Russia, Asia and the United States.

Thrond Kjellevold

Official representative

MADC is member of AMCham Norway. Friendly International Consult is an official partner to MADC in Norway and other countries.

MADC and Friendly International Consult evidence the long term commitment MADC has had with the grounders of Friendly International Consult.

MADC extends to Friendly International Consult access to MADC's organization members, facilities and resources to help both parties achieve its goals in United States, Norway and others.

Our strong partnership will be made even stronger building the bridge for the future contemprorary Norway and the United States.